Did You Share an Article About Rape Culture? Brace Yourselves, Here Come The Gentlemen of Rape Culture

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The gentlemen of rape culture hate rape. Oh god it’s the worst to them. They make this so clear and they will write it in caps locks, how THEY WANT TO BE VERY CLEAR THAT RAPE IS BAD. Seriously, rape is bad. They discovered this fact the other day and now they want you to know. Continue reading

The Gift of Hope is a Reformation Enough for Me

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“Growing up in a bizarre landscape of flannel graph saviors and Jesus Loves Me lullabies, I could have used more real. I would have loved to know that real is ok. That real is pain and sorrow and brokenness and tears and sometimes, all we have the strength to do is just cry together, swear a bunch, and shake our fists at God. And that is ok.” Continue reading

Dear Ken Ham and AiG, Please Listen to What Some of Your “Atheist Friends” Think About Your Billboards

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“A billboard with a simplistic slogan like AiG’s carries as much ethos, pathos, and logos as a bumper sticker: in other words, not much at all. The difference between a billboard and a bumper sticker, of course, is the latter costs maybe a few dollars whereas the cost of the former is enough to feed many hungry people in need — something that the Jesus I read about in the Bible actually and explicitly commanded his followers to do.” Continue reading

Rape Culture Isn’t a Macy’s Parade Balloon


“What I was struck by was how something so seemingly inane — Miley Cyrus performing at the VMAs — can be such a powerful moment for having big conversations about big Ideas. Conversations that, honestly, we often try to avoid. Conversations about what it means to slut-shame. Conversations about male privilege. Conversations about white privilege. Conversations about consent and rape culture and respecting other people’s bodies. Even conversations about how Cyrus’ performance can be a teaching tool for parents to educate their children about these things, too. We need to have these conversations.” Continue reading

Till We Have Faces: Reflections on Debate, Dialogue, and Gutenberg College

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We forget that propositions come with people. We forget that our ideas are not somehow other than us, thinking instead that they are strangely disembodied. Our ideas have contexts, and part of those contexts are the human beings that express those ideas. One of the most important lessons I learned during my four years at Gutenberg College was to put faces on ideas, to see the human behind the argument. This lesson made me not only a better human being, but also a better communicator. Continue reading

Fellow Millennials, Congratulations Are In Order


Every day, media outlets and social commentators and religious prophets are always saying we Millennials are SO lazy and we aren’t doing anything productive when we spend all that time online. This is an open letter to all those generational haters. Continue reading

#WhoWouldJesusSue: New Awareness Campaign


The following is a call to action. It details a very specific plan to bring awareness to the Calvary Chapel pastor Bob Grenier’s lawsuit against his son. This awareness will be created through a social media blitz. This blitz will begin on Thursday, February 21, starting at 9 am PST. Continue reading

Applebee’s Overnight Social Media Meltdown: A Photo Essay


The firing of Chelsea Welch on account of Alois Bell’s comment has brought about the most bewildering move in corporate social media/public relations that I have ever witnessed. Applebee’s uses its Facebook page to argue with, and censor, people in the middle of the night. Continue reading