When I Told God to Fuck Off

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I looked out into the darkness and wiped the tears from my face. I took a long, harsh drag of my cigarette to steel my nerves. Then I folded my hands carefully and bowed my head. I did everything perfectly, just like I was taught to do so long ago when I first asked Jesus into my heart. I was crying back then, too. But now I was asking Jesus to leave. Continue reading

Everything You Wanted To Know About Judaism But Were Afraid To Ask, Part One

I am honored to feature an interview I conducted with Rachel Lazerus. I know Rachel from our shared advocacy work at the Coalition for Responsible Home Education (CRHE). We’ve been discussing on and off her experiences as “the Jewish person” working side by side with former evangelical and fundamentalist Christian homeschoolers. We wanted to do this interview to give the Christian homeschool alumni community (and the broader ex-fundamentalist community) an opportunity to learn about Judaism and its history and traditions of thought and how that history and those traditions differ from the evangelical/fundamentalist lens with which we were raised to view both Jewish people and the Tanakh. Continue reading

We Don’t All Love Durians, Or, Why Love Must be Unconditional

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I am re-reading Thich Nhat Hanh’s book, “Touching Peace: Practicing the Art of Mindful Living.” Today’s chapter, “The Happiness of One Person,” concerns how human beings relate to one another. Thich Nhat Hanh asks us to conceive of love in an unconditional manner: a manner that does not force others to be, act, or think like us — but rather gives others the freedom to be themselves. Continue reading

Can We Please Talk About World Vision Accurately?

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The latest news about World Vision is that 10,000 kids have lost their sponsorships — or to phrase this more accurately, 10,000 individuals have dropped their monthly financial commitment to World Vision’s work. This whole situation is heartbreaking and shows just how dedicated 10,000 people are to their fear of gay couples. But I’d like to call us to a higher standard of accuracy in how we talk about the situation. Continue reading

Jesus Is Not Our Zoloft: Reflections on Mental Health and the Church

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My hope for mental health is as expansive as the arms of the Jesus that I read about as a child — arms outstretched so wide that they can encircle the world. I want to see a hope in others that does not content itself with only baby steps, with admitting what is tragically controversial but ought not be: that mental illness is real and something no one should be ashamed of or afraid to talk about. I want a hope that moves beyond fear and into action. Continue reading

The War God and The Tower

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Yesterday I read Theo Darling’s provocative rewrite of a story that always fascinated and mystified me as a child: Genesis 11:1-9, or The Tower of Babel. As a student of comparative religions and a lover of mythology and the imaginative thinking of Joseph Campbell, I could palpably feel this rewrite opening up a whole array of new dimensions. Continue reading

Meet Allan Carlson, Patrick Henry College’s Anti-Child Protection, Anti-Gay, Pro-Quiverfull Faith & Reason Lecturer

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Unfortunately for the PR efforts of Michael Farris and current PHC students, Patrick Henry College’s current “Faith & Reason” lecturer is Allan Carlson. To put it succinctly: Allan Carlson is not only rabidly anti-child protection and anti-gay, he is also one of the most zealous and fantastical advocates of the Quiverfull movement. Like, if you went to a street artist on Venice Beach and asked for a caricature of everything PHC is desperately trying to pretend it is not, that artist would draw you a picture of Allan Carlson. Continue reading

The History of Sexism and Misogyny Belongs to All of Us


I am dismayed that, through its continual silence about this history of sexism and misogyny, the Christian Church refuses to own its past. This is exactly why I left my culture. And yet. Yet I cannot run with open arms into the embrace of other cultures. Take atheism, for example. The history of atheism is similarly riddled with sexism and misogyny. Continue reading

Did You Share an Article About Rape Culture? Brace Yourselves, Here Come The Gentlemen of Rape Culture

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The gentlemen of rape culture hate rape. Oh god it’s the worst to them. They make this so clear and they will write it in caps locks, how THEY WANT TO BE VERY CLEAR THAT RAPE IS BAD. Seriously, rape is bad. They discovered this fact the other day and now they want you to know. Continue reading