Don’t Let Us Go Out like The Dinosaurs


Concerning yesterday’s post, a friend sent me a song and said, “Your blog post reminded me of this song by Noah Gundersen.” Apparently Noah Gundersen recorded his first album in Eugene, Oregon. I am surprised I had not heard of him before.

Anyways. I got maybe a minute in (tops!) and I started crying. In a public coffee shop.

The song is beautiful.

An excerpt of the lyrics:

Jesus, Jesus, I’m still looking for answers
Though I know that I won’t find them here tonight
But Jesus, Jesus, could you call me if you have the time?
And maybe we could meet for coffee and work it out
And maybe then I’ll understand what it’s all about

Now just listen:

To be human is to struggle.

Life is a process, and I am unwilling to hide that. (And honestly, I do not think the Jesus I read about as a young child would want me to.)

I spent most of my life being a Christian first and foremost and not a human. I want to reclaim my humanity. That is my current life-project. If reclaiming one’s humanity is an anti-Christian project, that’s a Christianity I want nothing of.

P.S. Today is World Mental Health Day. Peace and love to fellow fighters. Also, you should go read Grace Biskie’s awesome post about antidepressants.


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