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What the Presidential Candidates Are Tweeting About Children

After my February project assessing the 2016 presidential candidates’ records on child advocacy and victim/survivor advocacy, I was curious how much attention remaining presidential candidates are paying to children and children’s issues. So I turned to Twitter. I looked at all the tweets from the last month (since June 22) from four presidential candidates: Hillary Clinton (Democrat Party), Donald Trump (Republican Party), Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party), and Jill Stein (Green Party). I included only those individuals’ original tweets (including original tweets that featured memes, graphics, and videos). And I included any tweets that featured the following words: kid, child, children, infant, baby, girl, boy, young.

The following are the results. They are presented with no comment so you can draw your own conclusions.

Hillary Clinton










Donald Trump



Gary Johnson

No relevant tweets.

Jill Stein