Child Liberation Theology

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On this site:

Toward a Child Liberation Theology

The End of Child Liberation Theology

Centering Children: The Hermeneutics of Child Liberation Theology

God Is Child: The Child-Centric Christology of Janet Pais

Using vs. Liberating Children: How Child Theology Differs from Child Liberation Theology

Nico Botha on Children as Theological Hermeneutic

The Power of Adults Over Children: Oppressive or Liberative?

Desiderius Erasmus and the Child’s Right to Education

Miriam, Child Prophet

The Binding of Isaac as Cautionary Tale

Corporal Punishment as Religious Colonialism

The Message of Non-Violence is First and Foremost a Message to the Powerful

On Cindy Brandt’s Unfundamentalist Parenting site:

Tearing the Robe Twice: Christian Parenting and the Rape of Tamar

Reading Violent Bible Stories Through a Child Protection Lens

The Lot of the Abused: How We Shift the Blame Onto Victims

Children, Disobey Your Parents in the Lord, For This is Right

On Homeschool Alumni Reaching Out:

How We Marginalize Abuse Survivors: The Spirit of Ham

How We Marginalize Abuse Survivors: “All Have Sinned”

How We Marginalize Abuse Survivors: Valuing Forgiveness Over Protection

Featured elsewhere:

PlayFull: Child Theology as a Midrashic Process

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